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Spectrum internet plan speeds range from 60 Mbps to Mbps in some areas. Most gaming systems and computers require anywhere between 1 to 6 Mbps minimum download speeds and 0.

Charter Spectrum: bundled internet plans reviewed October |

Speeds will always remain consistent. Keep in mind, though, that the promised speeds account for an ethernet connection, not WiFi. So if your WiFi speed tests lower than expected but the ethernet speed as tested from your laptop reflects what you signed up for, you may have to grin and bear it. Spectrum is a promising internet provider with some great promotional deals. Home Cable. All products and services mentioned on Reviews.

If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. Learn more. View plans. Charter Spectrum. Similar Products. How We Reviewed Spectrum 9 hours of research. Editor's Note. Charter acquired both companies in and rebranded the collective service as Spectrum. June 26, Banking. July 19, Consumer Electronics. Table of Contents. On to other options because they only care about you for a yr.

Spectrum community not worth the hassle especially if you plan on using a device like a PS4 to watch shows or for online gameplay. The routers do not communicate well with those devices and customer services is not worth the phone call. No one called, no one came. Wait I said, I only wanted 60mbps, which per their advertising is what I was paying for.

Oh, she said, the price for internet only at 60mbps was Note to comments below about suing Spectrum for false advertising: Forget it. State attorney general? Pretty much elsewhere: bought and paid for by large corporate interests. Compared to comcast, charter has better deals at least in the area I live. Went up to the store and asked them for a new cable. To my luck they had no more cables to give out so the guy said he would send a technician out to replace the cable no problem.

Called spectrum to find out what was going on and the guy was telling me that there was a charge for the technician to come out and replace the cord. I was never told that they were going to charge me that much for a technician to come out to replace a power cord to the modem I could have replaced myself. Well they then mentioned to me that they can NOT waive that fee and that only the technician can do that.

12 Best Modems and WiFi Routers Approved by Charter Spectrum Internet

So I began to come to the conclusion that the technician was just trying to get paid. The point I want to make here is that there is nothing worse than a company who is willing to lose out on more business, more money over something so minuscule and treat their customers like trash. That is not the sort of service I want my money supporting. To make matters worse, there is an ordinance in the community that you can not have satellites and that ONLY cable is permitted. Absolutely ridiculous! I can NOT stress enough, that I am someone who will pay whatever I agree upon with no hesitation nor obligation.

Charter lowers capital spending by $1.9 billion despite raising prices.

With that being said I get treated as if my business with them is of NO importance to them. What a degrading and disrespectful experience to have with spectrum. Comcast at least understood that working with customers would benefit them financially in the long run.

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Spectrum has actually maanged to do something rather unbelievable and prior to actuallly witnessing it, I would have never in a million years believed. They are by far worse than TWC, who up until this sketchy, lying and impossible to speak to a supervisor gang of bullies; was the most incompetent and horrible company I have ever had the unpleasant experiencde of dealing with. Must love monopolies! Spectrum internet only is a really bad deal at th price they charge after 2 years.

Either pay their high rate or do without the internet. I never get the advertised speed on a consistent basis either. Waiting 10 mins for my box to reset since every couple of days it tells me something is wrong with my dvr.

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Best internet in town…when it actually works right which is VERY rare. It is the old bait and switch swindle. They try to get you to sign up and connect you with a group in Pakistan, then double the price. Spectrum was an absolute nightmare. Finally a tech comes out to get my internet working. I found out it was literally only 4mbps. I was dealing with them via Twitter, phone and techs coming out. One tech told me I had to go replace all of my electronics because mine sucked. First off my electronics are new and work fine and I have a high end computer for work.

Today I dropped off the equipment and closed my account with Spectrum before my new billing cycle starts tomorrow. Did Spectrum just jack up your rates? Did you cancel portions of your service to save money? Well great news! They will charge you the new jacked up rate on the following bill anyway and then tell you there is no way to refund your money! How in the world do you expect return business if this is the way you treat your customers? These people are con artists.

Do NOT trust them! I have been continuously subscribed to Time Warner internet for 26 years, since they first came to Columbus. The man on the pole told me I was not subscribed as his GPS shows my home was not the number on the house, mailbox or signpost.

Do these idiots really think anyone would put phony numbers on their home to get free internet? Is this how Spectrum uses our monthly payment, to send people of questionable intelligence to disconnect loyal customers? How does an internet company have bogus GPS data? Time to shop for better service! Spectrum is the worst!!!


What kind of sense does that make! I moved and they cancelled my online account so that I had no access to it any longer. Do you really think I can get to that in one week after moving?!

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I did not authorize them to go into my account and take whatever they wanted! Even though I called them and told them I would be sending the money, the date they would get the money, they still shut off my internet.

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I went into my bank account and it showed that the check was cashed. They have the worst customer service, bill processing department and products ever! This is all a bunch of hooey! Your rates will triple after 2 years and nobody will offer you a damn thing!