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As a young girl she enjoyed spending time in her grandmother's Mexican kitchen, watching skilled hands stretch homemade tortillas and stir together sauces bursting with aromas of fresh chiles and spices. She grew up in the markets and small restaurants her parents owned in Phoenix, Arizona, and along with her six siblings, learned the food service business from the inside out. Favorite dishes, such as such as Menudo Rojo, Chile Rellenos and Chorizo con Huevos - along with family favorites Mariscos con Arroz, frijoles and Tia's Tequila Quenchers, were prepared for patrons in the family's neighborhood restaurants and new recipes were created for guests with insatiable tastes for flavorful Sonoran cuisine.

Today, after many years of crafting great food and providing stellar service, Sylvia's Mexican Restaurant has become the standard-setter in the Phoenix food service industry. Perfected through the application of old-world experience, the finest, freshest ingredients and a genuine love of great food, Sylvia's trademarked menu items will be sure to please even the toughest Mexican food critic. Sylvia's Mexican Restaurant serves a full menu of Sonoran favorites. Pick up her book Sylvia Cooks Sonoran Style at either one of her locations.

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The link to reset your password has been sent. Please check your email. Try a pick-your-own farm — tomatoes, berries and apples are good places to start but in your area it may be different. If you can pick your own tomatoes teach them how to can them for winter use. There are hundreds if not thousands of articles online about helping children learn to like veggies. Find one or two to implement and go for it. My oldest DGD is My youngest DGS is due any day now. She would try to hide the veggies in meatloaves and things and I would sit at the meal picking every tiny little onion or veggie out until only a few crumbs of meat was left.

They understood this years ago and that is why often the children would eat separately from the adults and their food was much more bland, usually not things mixed together,and most of all they were given much smaller and manageable portions for their size. Jill: you are so right about small portions for kids. I have tried lots of ways to save money. With 10 children, I am always looking for ways. I found a way to lower my groceries without coupons and eating only beans.

When I need a gallon of oil, I go meatless that day. Cleaners, health and beauty aids are bought from CVS when they are free or almost free, and I stock up. Talk about squeezing water out of a rock!

I shop at Sav a Lot also. They have gone up on their prices too. Last time I went I search the discount buggies. I just went the outside isles around the store. I get my milk at Weigles when I get gas for the week. I buy from a discount store once a year. I get 2 of each for the year,dog,cat,bird feed. I am proud to say that due to being frugal I am able to help others during their illness.


Alice we are a family of 6 and we spend roughly that on groceries. Would you mind sharing a weekly menu? I am so happy to find this website. I know this website is full of valuable ideas and I look forward to reading all the great advice.

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How does a person know what they should really be spending to feed a family of 3 or 4 a week? People keep asking us what we spend on things or how much laundry we do etc. What I usually try to do is give you what we spend but also try to give a general idea or average. You need to do some work then yourself and figure out for you. This is also why we give guidelines to follow. Anyone anywhere can easily use those guide lines to help with their grocery bill.

National Taco Day: Discounts and specials in the area

This are the kind of thing we give you to use and you need to use not exact amounts. Like I said the only reason Tawra gives what they spend each month is because people just keep asking. You do what you can- get a notebook, get a bunch of recipes you eat — rotate them through the month s.

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These make into your grocery lists- and an inventory of what you need to make them. As you see the stores in your area have sales- there will be a pattern- say of weeks- when an item goes on sale. Take advantage of them. Use coupons if you see your items. Take advantage if your store has meat on sale — day of sales just before they cannot sell them- Just freeze them or cook and repackage them! They are still good! Keep checking out our web site too.

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We cover everything Laurie mentions in even more detail and explain how to. Also if you are really serious we our Groceries on a Dime e books goes into even greater depth. Most people find they get back what they paid for the books in their first trip to the store after using them. We already live pretty frugally for a family of 7 and I shop at Aldi.

I know that I will be giving up on organics, but I still want at least the fresh fruit and salads. I look forward to the other tips. Others get locally or on sale. BTW, our Aldis is starting a new organic section. Not much variety but I think they are testing the idea.

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A night out for a family of 7 on a monthly basis sounds expensive. How about a family date night? Each month you could choose a different county to celebrate. Let the kids who are internet savvy search recipes and pick one for the family to try. They can plan the menu, you can supervise and everyone can help. All share in the rewards. What fun! I made it a goal for a family of three to do when I first started, then cut that back out of necessity when hubby lost his job to Was surprised that when I cut things back to necessities and having all meals either at home or from home that we are doing just fine.

I buy fresh fruits and vegies every three to four days some organic some not and keep to the staples w hardly an junk food. I am buying mostly bulk foods now in staple form. I also went on a lds site where they give you a list of a years supply for how many people you have in yr family. I know this sounds a little severe, but it really puts into perspective what we really need to get by. We have great meals too. Had spaghetti and garlic bread w a salad last night. Night before, pork roast w baked spuds and veggies. Breakfast eggs and spuds…etc. Hubby has lost his job on more than one occassion and when that happens we have to beable to live off of what we have until that changes then all we purchase is bread, milk, eggs which is about Yes Laura all of this is true.

Sadly when I see someone on SNAP walking out of a grocery store with chips, soda, cookies, crackers, pre-made and packaged food I used to wonder how they could afford it. Now I know. But junk food is not food that anyone needs. They get quite a bit and that is usually just for food then they can get just money to spend for other things, huge discounts on housing, utilities and so much more. It also depends a great deal on situation.