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The infeed and outfeed well support long pieces of material, and the snipe is much reduced.

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Also, two polyurethane rollers prevent the material from slipping. They are placed next to the cutter head for a smoother result. The cutter head is precision machined steel for endurance and accuracy. The chips resulting from the cutting work is collected from either right or left sides of the planer, as it is reversible for increased convenience. It is very stable, thanks to its four-column design. The Delta Tools planer weighs 58 pounds, and it has a warranty of 5 years, the biggest warranty for any product on our list. Reviewers find that this is a great machine, especially for the money.

Professionals feel that it is a real improvement over previous models, and they are comfortable enough with it to use of on bigger projects as well. There have been some sniping problems mentioned by users who added that they even trying tampering with the planer to adjust all the parts and to prevent this from happening again. Other people just feel that the motor could have been a bit stronger.

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Overall, we tried to include in our list the Delta Power Tools option to cover as much of the market offer as possible. This is an affordable benchtop planer with an extended warranty.

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If you feel the need to make a very safe purchase from a brand that knows how to back up a product, this is the one for you. Finding the best wood planer does not mean getting the most expensive product out there and expecting it to perform miracles for every dollar spent. On the contrary, it means looking into product specifications and reviews to make sure that the product you are thinking of buying is the right one. Unlike simpler tools, planers have evolved to such a state that each manufacturer chose to grow and innovate in a different way.

This is what makes the products different and this is what you need to look for. Evaluate your project first and see what exactly stands out. If it takes a long time because it implies a heavy workload, then you will need a planer that handles well, is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle which does not allow your hand to tire fast. If the workload is heavy but the tasks are all the same, you can make it better by choosing the planer with the right width or depth of cut to get your work done in no time.

Also, consider the knives and the type of material you are using. Sure, all manufacturers use the best material for the knives, and they try to make them as resistant as possible, but some types of wood could be more difficult to cut or could have knots. Think of where you will be doing all the work. This will make the dust collecting system essential. Reading reviews about the performance of the dust collection system is another thing you have to do before making up your mind. Also, some jobs are more creative, while others are more mechanical but require great accuracy and the same dimensions for all boards.

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In this case, you will need a planer with depth stops to set the required thickness of the board. It will allow you to work fast without thinking too much about the settings of the planer. This makes handheld planers better for smoothing wood, but precision work is better left to the benchtop models. While you might say that since you are not used to working with such a tool, a lighter one might be easier to handle, in reality, handheld and benchtop do not only differ in matters of weight but mainly in the type of projects they can handle.

As far as professionals have it, the handheld options may seem appealing because they are surely easier to carry around. However, a professional who has worked with planers a long time now knows the limitations of handheld planers over benchtop ones in ample projects. They are more likely to go for the benchtop models.

Benchtop models also pack bigger motors, allowing them to cut through more. What is more, the support system of the benchtop items is unequaled when you need high precision with your work. These are two different tools with different purposes. A planer is designed to create perfectly parallel surfaces while cutting wood to the desired thickness. Doing your homework is crucial before buying such a product.

Going by a look and feel alone with not help you in this situation. A planer is a product which must be chosen according to specific demands from the person who is going to use it. Failing to meet these needs does not mean that the product was faulty, but that you did not choose the right model for the right type of tasks.

Even though you are just getting started , and you are only a weekend warrior, choosing the right product for your first project might open your appetite for similar future projects. Also, a tool that is easy to use will teach you how to use it better and improve.

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Unfortunately, things can also go the other way around as well. Jacob is the Editor at Toolsfirst. He used to be the owner of a local construction company with over 20 years experience in the trade. He now enjoys thoroughly researching DIY tools as well as publishing guides to help readers. Planer with carbide cutters.

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With a few exceptions, many portable planers come out of the same factory in Taiwan. They make 3 basic models and have done so for years. A company called Cutech imports nothing but portable planers and jointers. It is expensive to put a Shellix head with replaceble spiral cutters on a DeWalt For the cost of a basic you can get a top of the line Cutech with spiral carbide blades. They cut better, use less energy, last a long time, can be rotated and are much quieter.

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  • The reviews are excellent. Straight, thin blades are obsolete. They are importing what was the Steel City and also the old Ridgid, before it was cheaped out. Much more bang for the buck than the Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. Quick Picks Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget One of the most expensive, but if you're a serious user you'll appreciate the extra power, quality, reliability and low to zero snipe. Backed by many professionals.

    Still highly rated amongst woodworkers. It's single speed and has double blades. A newer model to the market and highly rated with 3 blade design for extra power. The Good Well renowned. Highly rated. Extremely powerful thanks to the 3 knife cutter head. Great customer service.

    Not so Good Price. More of a dedicated workshop machine as opposed to being a portable planer due to the weight. R Replacement knives are expensive. Hearing protection is recommended. Very smooth finish cut on your final pass. Very popular. High quality — built to last. Minimal snipe.

    5 Best Planer To Buy 2018 - Planer Reviews

    Great investment. Not so Good Heavy for what is considered a portable planer.

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    • Standard blades are known to wear quickly. Some users mentioning the dust collection system is not very good.