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According to SYW's website: Yes. According to SYW's customer service: No. If you don't the receive your bonus points after being allowed to combine multiple offers, you will have to contact SYW customer service. While their general policy is not to allow combining offers, you can have positive results if the service rep is nice. Multiple Surprise Points offers are not supposed combine, but sometimes an error might occur and allow it.

After clicking on it, a Change Points option becomes available to adjust the amount of points you want to spend. An eligible Surprise Points offer will be applied first, followed by points from your points balance that have the earliest expiration date. The online cart's " Earn for Next Order " value can help verify whether you are earning the expected amount, but the value can change after clicking the Review Order button on the payment page.

For Surprise Points offers, the online shopping cart's 'Redeem Today' value can be used to verify that you are correctly activating the offer. If your subtotal is higher than your existing points balance, then you will see the 'Redeem Today' value jump to a higher amount when an eligible Surprise Points offer is available. Also, the final payment page will list qualifying Surprise Points for the purchase, right above the Redeem My Reward Points button e. NOTE: Multiple Surprise Points offers cannot normally be combined in one purchase, and it can vary for which eligible offer will trigger first for your purchase.

In-store, tell them you wish to pay with your points. The cashier can see which Surprise Points-type offers are loaded in your account, but they do not really know if a purchase qualifies for a Surprise Points offer. You will want to check your new points balance on your receipt to see if an offer activated correctly.

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Again, an eligible Surprise Points offer will be applied first, followed by points from your balance that have the earliest expiration date. If you decide to return an item after already spending all your earned points, then there are multiple reports of how the refund is handled: The amount of points is subtracted from your balance.

If you have zero points, then you will end up with a negative balance.

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The amount of points is subtracted from your out-of-pocket refund. Calendar-quarter end dates are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December For example, month Points earned on November 1, will expire on December 31, Earned bonus points may only be available for 30 or 90 days.

Some offers even have a shorter period with specific dates. You will have to contact customer service to request the dates for any points expiring at a later time. Points can be redeemed through the day of the stated expiration, until PM central time. You can also review a calendar with various expiration dates for your reward points not Surprise Points on the FitStudio website [ fitstudio. For Surprise Points offers, the offers shown on the SP offers webpage [ shopyourway. The SP offer webpage can sometimes get updated a few hours BEFORE midnight central time, but your offers that disappeared early may still be loaded for making a purchase.

Any new offers that are displayed early will require waiting until after midnight central time to use them. NOTE: If returning an item paid with points that are now past their original expiration date, then those expired points are sometimes refunded with a new two week expiration. Their policy is not to refund Surprise Points after the expiration date for the offer, but you may want to contact them if they are responsible for an order cancellation. The free-shipping program for Sears and Kmart, and will work with items marked as sold by Sears or Kmart.

Supposedly, it will also work with a few Marketplace items. There is also a free day trial [ shopyourway. The trial period seems to automatically renew for most people, and no one has reported being charged for the annual membership without permission. Add sears value. If it does expire, you can try checking under your profile on the Sears or Kmart website for an option to start a new trial by clicking on "view membership status" under the Shop Your Way MAX section. Items such as furniture or large appliances will not qualify for SYW MAX, but check for a minimum order amount that can enable free shipping from the seller.

Both annual or trial members can take advantage of bonus point offers [ sears. The minimum spending requirement for an offer will have to be OOP to earn the bonus points. TIPS: How do I get free reward points sent to me? They are usually sent out on the same day for everyone, but we have not figured out the method for which members are selected and for which type of conditions store, department, amount of points, minimum purchase amount.

The requirements to trigger them at checkout are listed in the email sent to you, but you can also view the requirements except start date on the Surprise Points webpage [ syw. If the SP do not activate according to the requirements, you can troubleshoot by trying different things than what is stated.

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If your purchase subtotal is less than the full amount of the Surprise Points, then only part of the Surprise Points will get redeemed. This will leave the remaining unused amount from that SP offer available for another purchase before the offer expiration. Most Surprise Points offers cannot be cannot be combined with other Surprise Points offers, but a few special types e. See here. B In-store shopping gives an additional chance to get a Surprise Points offer. When making a purchase, choose to have your receipt printed out. Sometimes, one of the coupons printed out will be a Surprise Points offer, which will be automatically loaded to your account may take several hours.

The expiration date and other conditions can be found on the Surprise Points webpage [ shopyourway. D Logging into the FitStudio website [ fitstudio. You can activate a new offer every day, and each offer will be available for a week. E The "x2" Surprise Points offer is unusual, because the amount of free points is dependent on your own existing points. It will double the amount of your own points that you choose to redeem on a purchase. Search for the offers under My Profile [ kmart.

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Be sure to read any minimum purchase quantities in the email. The email might state they're for in-store, but test an offer on Kmart. Look for an email from Kmart that is usually titled: "You're one of a kind and so are your savings". G Entering a sweepstake [ blogspot. For in-store, the sale and price drop tags usually display the code and department. How will I know if I was selected for a free surprise points giveaway? A Look for the Surprise Points emails, but the emails might end up in your junk mail folder. I update the ' Short-term Notices ' section near the top of the FAQ with the latest point offer dates.

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  7. B Some people may not receive an email, but the SYW homepage displays upcoming expiring points on the right side of the screen. NOTE: There are multiple factors concerning a coupon: which store s , online or in-store, expiration, minimum purchase amount, discount vs point earnings, amount of redemptions allowed. The programming or fine print for a coupon might get updated, so don't be surprised if your experience with a coupon is different from a previous time.

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    The Sears and Kmart websites feature short-term promo codes on the homepage or department pages. VIP emails may contain more exclusive coupons. Some emails may generate new coupon codes after the exp. Sign up for Sears [ sears. The Coupon Center [ shopyourway. Check the Sears desktop site [ sears. On a smartphone, the SYW app [ shopyourway.

    Once they're loaded, some coupons can be redeemed in-store only and some are for either in-store or online. After placing an online order, the order confirmation page or order confirmation email may contain a coupon s When checking out in-store, choosing to print out your receipt can result in multiple coupons being printed out.

    In your SYW account history [ shopyourway.