Deals with the devil rebirth items

Yeah it sucks but at this point you've been living with it for so long that you kind of stop noticing. I don't find them all that shitty because of the relative scarcity of health pickups in Greed Mode. The first ever Greedier mode I won I took a devil deal first floor something average like dark matter and then did not get a SINGLE devil deal after that despite opening devil deals on every single floor.


On one hand, it definitely convinced me that greed mode has less devil deals. On the other, I was still able to carry my way through ultra greedier with Cancer the zodiac and a bunch of shop-bought damage ups.

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Be patient, and sharpen the knife before cutting the wood! You can also purchase quest items from Tao Breeze , to save much of your time and efforts.

Back in a jiffy!

Monsters may drop petals, pistils, and stalks, all of which can be made into white or red flowers after you collect enough. A combination of white and red flower can be exchanged for EXP of 20 minutes. You need to collect of each.

The Best Horror Movies About the Devil

Paying 1 CP to Tao Breeze for each is also an option. Kill the monster by yourself to get a Ghost Horn. Collect at least 3 Ghost Horns and watch out for the killers and stealers nearby. Take it down, and a Pure Vigor will be dropped into your inventory! Talk to Bryan , , and you will be asked to kill monsters to sink the Mountain of Grievance, which is 40, meters high.

Most monsters only bring 1 meter, but monsters in different colors contribute 6 meters. There are rare monsters that contribute 20 or even meters!

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