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Just tried to get virgin to switch me onto this being an existing customer but nope wouldn't budge a penny off the full price. I thought the free amazon foe a year was a nice touch.. I get it anyway so its like 70 odd quid in my pocket. Was told by 2 person single not great in my area, while their other team said that was incorrect, yet I keep getting No Service and then on occasions messages and no missed calls.

They seemed to have gone bad over the last few years. I have a job which involves travelling around most of the country and have found Virgins EE's signal fine. All struggle to keep a signal on main motorways and rail lines. All have not spots in the middle of major cities. Generally EE has the best coverage for calls and data and I've not seen any indication that Virgin is de-prioritised on their network. Vodafone was probably slightly the best for keeping a signal of any kind, but often with poor data. Every location is different, so if you happen to live somewhere with poor EE coverage, then return the SIM but I'm sure the vast majority of people will be more than happy.

Also I've not experienced any price rises in the 7 months I've been with them, but I'm sure it will happen at some point, just as it does with every network. Check virgin on trustpilot. Absolutely shocking rating. Terrible customer service. Always cancel direct debits when leaving as they will start charging again. Live chat just dropped, online systems no being able to handle upgrades Last thing I was told is I'd have to go in to the nearest shop to do the upgrade - which is fine, but that is about 30 miles away!

Unfortunately BT don't seem to have any offers on at the moment otherwise I'd move to them as we have broadband with them. You'd not need to have a new Quidco account, you can use your existing one : Only issue with a partner doing it is that if you share the same address you might not be seen as a new customer with the retailer -Joseph Joseph quidco. And if you do the sums this deal works out at just over 16 quid a month net. But I have been with Virgin for about 10 years and always been on their top broadband package.

Yeah but that isn't directly mentioned on tcb and the bill credit isn't mentioned either. Maybe but people are not changing their phones as often anymore. Alot are keeping hold of their. Phones for 3 to 5 years hence the rise of sim only contracts and companies continously doing offers like free headphones, cashback etc. Has the cashback tracked successfully for anyone? I used to have Virgin then moved to BT this month. The main issue i was having was i used to get notification delayed from whats app, hotmail and other apps.

I thought this was due to my phone then i started searching up and found this was a known issue with Virgin Mobile. Which still hasn't been fixed. They don't allow conference calling. They dot have voLTE. Apart from the notification issue i didn't have any deal breaker issues with Virgin Mobile. When i was with them, I got cashback via Top-cashback. Also they had better coverage then my first provider Three.

Idiots didn't offer me anything annoyed Ended up moving to Vodafone and am regretting it as the speeds are rubbish. Virgin - mb Vodafone mb East London. Heat from me, I once posted similar sim only deal with Plusnet and it was not getting hot either. Not sure why this is getting cool. I'd be interested to see what better deals are out there for similar money. Still a bargain. Signed up for this via TCB but not showing as tracked yet, anyone had it not show instantly and appear later successfully?

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Called them to ask why, they said it had gone up today and the website is wrong Still a good deal though. Easy peasy for me and I hadn't been with them 12 months on account of the 4.

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Rang them and got through to Singapore but as soon as i said i wanted to cancel put straight through to UK based retentions. Was so surprised and broke my golden rule by accepting straight away or I could probably have gotten some bill credit thrown in also. But more than happy with the deal i got and it was painless.

Anyone have any luck with retentions? Price hike after initial 12 months is kinda steep. Is it a simple case of threatening to leave and they keep you on the introductory offer for another 12 months? Well spouse got contract in email but start date to Friday. So exactly one week after my contract finished.

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Fingers crossed! Different name, email and bank details. As for contact number, just get a PayGo sim and use that. You can change the contact details later by logging into your account.

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Thanks for this info. My spouse generally gives my number out and very rarely her own direct number. Never noticed this but having checked now, I can see that this is true!!! Thanks for sharing this, GalaxyESX. Our if curiosity What happens to the old account if it is still within the 30 day notice period? Does the new line activate and the old one pays for the contract period without getting any service?

Virgin Media slashes the price of its broadband deals in huge challenge to BT

But it's a small price to pay for not being stuck into an overpriced contract.. I did exactly the same thing After consulting a friend who does this for over 5 years now. Virgin media. I am losing my current number by canceling and ordering new line under my partner's name I would like to know if there is a way to retain it.. Also beware anyone who orders this and chooses a late installation ie. I had it set to 15th oct and they changed it to 21st Sept without any notification except the dates in contract and I had to call in to get it pushed back.

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Service fee and setup cost fee for free. Am I late to ask that or not. VM customer for 22 years.

Only need the broadband really so about time we just bought an aerial for the basic channels. I usually haggle a good deal every year but this year nothing. Damn such a shame I missed this brilliant deal. Why are you looking to leave? I sent my unlimited sim back in the cooling off period, absolutely shocking speeds!

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Even worse than three. Don't bother.