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Make sure to check the calendar for local ev Bag of Ice. Jun 5. Deals and discounts may not be combined. Posted by: Events.

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Posted by: Pongas Events. Posted by: Animas City Theatre Events. Artboard, easel, double-sided magnetic writing board, toy color graffiti bracket small blackboard, pink, orange color Pink C. Posted by: Ore House Events. The kids who receive lun Posted by: Durango Arts Center Events. Limit 3 kids meals per ticket.

At 40 buck, I thought it was a steal. She was a special chick, grabbed my hands and guided me to wander around, even before the song started. The lap dance was pretty much a makeout session, less the kissing.

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I was panting at the end of the fourth song. She made me the obligatory offer to step into private VIP, which she said included bed and full service was on the menu. Had to politely decline, though junior was suggesting otherwise : Buddy had a similar experience, so this must be pretty standard.

Got out of VIP, and sat down with her. Waitress walks past and asks if I need anything. Naturally, I ask the dancer as well, and she requests water. Sure, I'm gonna get it for her, but this price wasn't justified. A little later, another cute chick comes sits next to me, and the waitress shows up again. Decided that was enough, and bailed. All in all, I'll go in again for the dancers and the special service they provide. But, the club wants to make a ton of money serving water to the dancers, which is a shame.

Club Has Potential! Finally,decided to pay a visit to this club on a Wednesday night around 10pm. The club is located in a so so area,but their parking seemed well lighted and safe. The door-guy was very polite and tried his best to be accommodating. The club is a bit small from inside with a dance-stage located in the middle.

There is a small bar area to the left of the entrance and LD area is mostly in the back behind the sitting area. Within a few minutes,a young and pretty hispanic dancer Sammy walks up to me and sits besides me. The dance was very engaging and we had fun overall,since this dancer has a very nice natural body. Next,upon my return to my seat,walks up another dancer Azul. Again I decided to go for yet another LD special.

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Overall,it's not a bad club with a somewhat decent selection of dancers good variety to everyone's liking I assume. I was always under the impression that this club has only thick dancers,but to my surprise the ones I danced with weren't thick and seemed very friendly. It might be a better idea to visit this club on a weekend night to see a better selection of dancers. The club has potential IMO,just requires a little revamping in it's overall inside decor. Got free pass from text message from their website.

Dances were but the songs were cut short at 2 minutes.

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They were weird songs that seemed to be written for strip clubs as they all had a hip hop beat and lyrics about being in a strip club. Hard to tell when a song ended and another began if it werent for the indecipherable comments from the dj. A super hot blond was on stage and naked with two super sexy set of lips on her. After her set she eventually wandered to me and we opted for 30 minutes in a draped off cubicle. She whispered in my ear to get comfortable and asked what i would like. AS my french has gotten a little rusty, i asked for a quick lesson.

WTF- I could get room service for that back at the hotel that would go farther. She then took a hands on approach to earning that benjamin. We had some time to kill as well so she proceeded to take care of herself as well with an assist or two from me. Always good to carry purell. I understand why they call the club Bliss. The club is fucken dark with a square main stage with a little bit of lighting in my opinion. When you walk in, the bar is on the left.

The stage is in the center and seats all around the stage with booths placed in the back behind the seats. They had the LD area behind some of the booths.

I could see the girls dancing on the guys from where my seat was at. I am not sure about the VIP section or the prices because I got no dances this day or the price breakdown. The majority were all fat or 's, I saw maybe one 7 in the club. There were maybe around girls working there. Almost all of them came up to me and wanted me to either buy them a drink or get a lap dance.

When I would say no, they would leave. Drink histle is also annoying.

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Bliss Showgirls, City of Industry, not living up to their hype. From the outside it is a nondescript white building that needs a cleaning or a fresh coat of paint. There is some sparse landscaping and the parking lot is deteriorating. The gal behind the bar was pretty, attentive and personable, so she got a good tip.

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I sat down along the wall while my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit interior and saw that I was the only patron there. It was hard to tell the cleanliness of the place due to the low lights, but my shoes were not sticking to the floor so I guess that is a good sign. Shortly after I sat down a dancer came by and sat with me, very friendly but I could tell she was very new to stripping and unsure of how to engage me in conversation.

While we were attempting to chat with her a dancer took to the stage There were three dancers in total at that time; the gal that sat with me was a decent looking woman of color, way too skinny for my taste but not unpleasant to hang out with. The other two dancers were overweight and not very pretty. The dancer that was on stage did her two songs but no clothing was removed — strange for a strip club - so I gave her a minimal tip.

The third dancer was even heavier but had no intention of leaving her phone behind to dance or mingle. I told the gal sitting next to me that if she would do the next stage dance I would move to the rail At that point I said my goodbye's and left.

Total time in the club could not have been more than 25 minutes. This is a club for up and coming dancers, new dancers, dancers that are on their way out, needy attentions whores or just don't give a damn anymore. Start comparison. Add to cart.